Monday, January 24, 2011

What is Holistic Teaching?

  Hello readers, I'm back, several things have happened in my life since I started this blog, not necesarilly good or bad, but they were distracting enough that I had all but forogtten that the blog existed :), towards the end of 2010 the writing bug bit me a gain, this time it left a stronger mark, and while writting another blog I dug up this one, so I find myself today with the unavoidable desire to share stuff with you.

 Holistic Teaching parts from the idea that we learn by using in cohesion both sides of our brain, and with all of our senses... not just by mindless repetition as they teach us in school.

Traditional school is about learning to pass a grade, a lot of tension builds up just up to the point of the final exam, once that need for a good grade is met the information ceases to be important and is quickly forgotten, and even if you have recorded the information in your brain, the harsh and highly competitive process charges the memories with negative emotions, thus making it very hard to call on the information once it is needed.

  Holistic teaching is more humane, fun and involving of your natural aptitudes, it also allows you to learn your subject for the purpose of possessing and being able to use the information at any time you need it.


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