Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's in it for you?

What can you hope to gain by spending your valuable time reading my blog?

Well, for one you'll have my deepest gratitude... and if that's not enough in this blog you will find information that will help you unlock your hidden potential and learn how to bring out the best in others, and how to teach them new stuff.

I have been many things in the past: Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, Special Effect Technician, Accountant, Artist, etc... I have tried to excel in every job that I got into, and have garnered recognition in many, but I must say I have not found greater satisfaction than in teaching.

Someone once said "Those who CAN... DO" someone else said to that "Those who CAN and CARE TEACH"

I got into teaching almost by accident (I will post the whole story later) and I have never stopped, even if I was doing something else I was trying to teach what I was doing to somebody, I find that by teaching at least 2 people are benefiting, because one person learns but the teacher also reaffirms his or her own knowledge. And well... if the people you are teaching are your own children then there is no end to the joy it can bring you.

So once again, thank you for taking your time and keep looking into this Blog, I'm sure you will not regret it.


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